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September 21, 2022


Launch Event at Mystery to Me Bookstore

Join Maggie Ginsberg for the official Madison launch of Still True at Mystery to Me Bookstore, where copies of the book will be available a week ahead of the official publication date! Details coming soon!

September 28, 2022

Eau Claire

In Conversation with Nickolas Butler

Join Maggie Ginsberg and fellow novelist Nickolas Butler at the LE Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire for a conversation on craft, writing about place, and how to keep readers engaged from the first page to the last. Q&A and book signing to follow.

october 12, 2022


In Conversation with Laura Anne Bird

Join Maggie Ginsberg and middle grade novelist Laura Anne Bird for a reading and discussion at Kismet Books in Verona. Details to follow!

Available september 27, 2022

still true

A novel by Maggie Ginsberg

One summer evening, Lib Hanson is confronted by her painful past when Matt Marlow, the forty-year-old son she abandoned as an infant, shows up on her porch. Fiercely independent, Lib has never revealed her son’s existence—or her previous marriage—to her husband, Jack. Married nearly three decades but living in separate houses (to the confusion but acceptance of their neighbors), they enjoy an ease and comfort together in small-town Anthem, Wisconsin. But Jack is a stickler for honesty, and Lib’s long-dormant secrets threaten to unravel their lives.

When ten-year-old Charlie Taylor arrives at Jack’s workshop shortly thereafter, he’s not the first kid in town to need help with a flat tire, and Jack gladly makes the repair to his bike. The Taylors are new to Anthem, and Jack soon discovers that Charlie and his mom, Claire, are struggling to fit in, even as Charlie’s dad, Dan, is thriving in his new job. Extending friendship and kindness, as well as introductions around the local café, Jack assumes a grandfatherly role. What he doesn’t see is the drinking that Claire hides from everyone, or the secret son that Lib has allowed to move into her house and the growing attraction between Claire and Matt. When the terrible events of a fateful evening threaten everyone’s carefully crafted lives, Jack, Lib, and their new friends must each determine the value of truth for the ones they love.

“I could stay in this story for years.”  Luis Alberto Urrea, Pulitzer Prize finalist and bestselling author of The House of Broken Angels

Cover image: © Jamie Heiden, 2022  |  Cover design: Jordan Wannemacher
978-0-299-33934-0  |  $17.95

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