Leading Lady

Profile on Milwaukee leader Thelma Sias

Milwaukee Magazine, March 2013

There’s a subtle shimmer hovering over the hot pavement on North 17th Street as I pull up to Thelma Sias’ Lindsay Heights home. It’s caramel with cream trim, a new construction, subtle but relatively massive at just more than 3,500 square feet. It would fit perfectly in any upscale suburb, but its owners are deeply committed to their Johnsons Park community, and so it stands, proudly, here. Sias, 58 years old, greets me at the front door in a dress suit and heels, a short shock of salt-and-pepper hair worn natural, her carved chin held high, her long purple nails deftly gripping the door frame. She’s striking. I instinctively straighten my spine.

The full version of this article appeared in the March 2013 print edition of Milwaukee Magazine, and can be read online here.

—Maggie Ginsberg is an award-winning freelance writer in Madison, Wisconsin

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